Planning a vacation? Need a safe and comfortable place to keep your pets while you are out of town? Patterson Animal Hospital offers boarding to our furry friends. If your pet has any needs during their stay here we would be glad to meet them. During their visit they can be groomed, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, or even have special “play time” arranged. Just call our office with any questions and we would be glad to give you all the details! We are here to cater to all of your pets needs. They will be in good hands when they come stay with us.

Our clinic offers spacious outdoor runs which are covered. This gives your pet the chance to stretch and move during the day, rain or shine!

Your pet will spend the nights indoors, tucked in with a comfortable bed. Our indoor kennel is climate controlled. This is to ensure that our furry friends never get too cold or hot during the year.

Does your pet have special needs? We have an educated staff who knows how to administer medications, perform medical treatments, and recognize when a pet is in distress or in pain. We strive to offer top quality care while your pet is in our hands.


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